Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! The snow is all melted, but not before I got to snap a few photos with my valentine. Wishing you all a day  filled with lots of chocolate, love, & happiness!





Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I am truly grateful for all that God has blessed me with, most importantly, my family. I really don’t know where I would be without them. This year, we are spending a quiet Thanksgiving at home, just the four of us. We’ll  be spending all afternoon  in a turkey coma, watching the Modern Family marathon and playing with our dog, who likes to find the biggest sticks in the backyard. I’m so thankful for this quality time home. I hope you all are feasting on turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and spending today with those that matter most to you. Cheers! xXx

photo 2-6

photo 1-7

Holiday Movie Roundup


Last night, my boyfriend and I went out for our usual date night to to see Richard Curtis‘ newest film, About Time, and it got me excited for the holidays. Curtis is responsible for writing and directing some of my favorite movies, including the popular holiday flick, Love Actually. That movies always puts me in a cheery mood. After the movie, I started thinking about some of my other favorite holiday movies that really get me in the holiday spirit. I’ve rounded up my top picks, from classics to newer features, that celebrate this wonderful season. My all-time favorite will always be A Christmas Story, although Christmas Vacation is a close second. What’s your favorite holiday film? 

These are in no particular order:

A Christmas Story

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It’s a Wonderful Life


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas Vacation

Home Alone

The Holiday

The Family Stone

Love Actually

Miracle on 34th Street

Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

For most people Labor Day marks the official end of Summer, but for me it’s the arrival of pumpkin spice latte’s at Starbucks. They were released early last week and I’ve been in full on Fall mode since. It’s my favorite season of the year! Perfect weather, beautiful fall foliage, football season, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving- what’s not to love? I really could list a million things I love about Fall, but I’ve narrowed down my top 10 must-do Fall activities.

1.  Pick apples at Mercier Orchards, then make homemade apple butter while drinking this.

2. Participate in Atlanta’s first ever Great Bull Run.

3. Get lost in the corn maze at Cagle’s Farm. This was a Fall tradition in high school and I can’t wait to go again. I already got my ticket.

4. Get a pumpkin (or two) from Burt’s Pumpkin Farm. It’s just an hour drive outside the city and we can enjoy the beautiful fall foliage from the top of North Georgia’s mountains.

5. Go to a Florida State game in Tallahassee. I’m so sad I can’t attend every home game, but I am trying to make it to at least one this year. Tailgating at DOAK is so much fun! Read more about FSU games here.

6. Turn 25! My birthday is in October and I love to celebrate all month long. I’m thinking of having a Sequins & Bowtie bash in honor of this “quarter of a century” milestone.

7. Go on a haunted pub crawl.

8. Host a pumpkin carving party-complete with pumpkin beer and pumpkin cupcakes!

9. Watch my 31 Days of Scary Movies in October (blog post to follow.)

10. Celebrate Friendsgiving!

What’s on your Fall Bucket List?

Blue Dog


{March 2000-July 2013}

Although my reputation as a “crazy cat lady” precedes me, I actually grew up with 2 dogs that also hold a special place in my heart. It has almost been a week since my family and I had to say goodbye to our Blue dog. For those of you who are not aware, Blue suffered a stroke last Thursday which left him paralyzed from the waist down. With his health quickly deteriorating, we had to make the tough decision on Friday morning to put him down. It wasn’t easy letting him go- he’s been a loyal companion and huge part of our family for 13 years. I remember the day we first got him like it was yesterday. Naturally, we were at the ballpark for one of my brother’s baseball games and some people were giving away FREE PUPPIES! As soon as I found out, I ran over to my dad and begged him to let us have a dog. We walked over together to check out the litter. They were too cute to say no. I picked out the biggest one, originally called Goliath, with the fluffiest black fur and huge paws. After the game was over, we surprised my brother with our new puppy. It took no time at all to give him a name. Blue was our first choice since my brother was on the Blue All-star team and if you look through his fur, his skin looks blue. I miss Blue dog so much, but I’m thankful for all the great memories we made these past 13 years. Here are some of my favorites:

-After a long day at Summer camp, we came home to find Blue had completely ripped all the stuffing out of our couch, chewed up some candles that were on the coffee table, and a photo album that was left out. My parents decided from that point on, he would have to stay in the kitchen with a baby gate. The next day we came home and he had chewed the trim in our kitchen and our kitchen table chairs. FAIL!

blue puppy

{Who could be mad at this face?}

-For Blue’s first Halloween we dressed him in a devil costume and brought him to my brother’s football practice. His leash got loose somehow and he ran into the middle of the practice field and took care of business. The coach wasn’t very happy, but it made for a good laugh. Going forward, he was always referred to as “Devil Dog”

Devil Dog

{Devil Dog doesn’t like to pose for pics}

-Blue always accompanied our family to Cody’s baseball games. We traveled all Summer with baseball. He loved going to the park and sort of became the team mascot.

blue and cody

{Blue and Cody after the Blue All-Stars won the District Championship}

-That couch Blue tore up as a puppy became “his couch.” We moved it into our family room (which we never use) for Blue to lay on as he pleased. If you were looking for Blue, he was probably napping on his couch.

Blue Couch

-Blue never really liked playing with other dogs. He would usually growl or bark as they walked by our house, let alone step foot in our yard. But, when Moose arrived as a small puppy, Blue took him under his wing and they became friends instantly.


-Blue loved to play in the backyard. He would sometimes pretend not to hear you calling him to come inside, but he would always eventually come back.


-He hated thunderstorms. If there was ever thunder, you could find Blue hiding under a table or curled up on his bed upstairs. He would forget how big he is and try to hide in the smallest places.


-I’m going to miss taking Blue for walks and playing with him in the front yard. He loved to sunbathe.


I knew that Blue was getting older and we didn’t have many years left with him, so I painted a portrait of Blue and gave it to my parents for Christmas. I’m so glad I did it! Not only was last Christmas our last one with Blue, but now we have a beautiful portrait of him that will last forever.


{My last picture of Blue at the vet last Friday.  I miss my Devil Dog so much!}


An Anniversary to Remember


Since our anniversary fell on a weeknight, we decided to celebrate over the weekend. We started off with a romantic dinner at one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Atlanta-Two Urban Licks. This place is seriously the coolest, but you wouldn’t know it from its outward appearance. Located in an old warehouse along the Atlanta Beltline, the inside is completely revamped to look like a modern oasis, complete with skyline views of downtown Atlanta, an outside bocce court and a large patio that overlooks the Beltline. They even had a live blues band playing which created a nice, sultry vibe. After dinner we walked along the Beltline, enjoying the breathtaking views and somewhat decent weather (there were scattered thunderstorms all weekend), then headed home to watch Oz. Last year I made Matt a Blurb Photo book as a gift for our anniversary. It was filled with all our memorable moments during our first year together, so I decided to carry on the tradition and make him another one for this year. He loved it! I plan on making one every year. It will be interesting to see how the photos change over time. To end the evening, I made Matt his favorite cupcakes-Cookies and Cream. We had plans to ride Skyview as well, but due to inclement weather all weekend, we had to postpone that activity. We had such a special second anniversary. I’m looking forward to many more!


{Enjoying my White Peach Sangria}


{My handsome date}


{Ready for a walk on the Beltline}


{City view before sunset}


{First and Second Year Photo Books}



{Cookies and Cream Cupcakes just look more festive with a sparkler}

Two Years


Matt and I have officially been dating two years today. I can’t believe it has already been that long! We have come a long way since our first date (he took me rock climbing at the Rock Gym in Tallahassee and continued to date me even after I dropped him on his back, oops!). We have made so many good memories together over the past two years. I’m so thankful I get to spend time with someone that shares my love for Florida State, makes me laugh every day and doesn’t mind that I’m a “crazy cat lady.” Happy two year anniversary, Matt! I’m looking forward to many more fun times with you!


{First trip to the beach}


{Wild and Wonderful White’s Party}


{First FSU Tailgate}


{Carving our first pumpkin}


{Drinks at Proof}


{Our first Ferris Wheel ride}


{North Florida Fair}


{1st & 2nd Annual Tacky Christmas Party}


{New Year’s Eve 2011 & 2012}


{One Year Anniversary in Destin}


{Georgia-Florida game in Jacksonville}


{Golf outings}


{St. Patty’s Day in Savannah}



Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet Piper-Jacque! I can’t believe it has already been five years. After my first year of college, I decided that I wanted my own pet. A dog probably would have been too much to handle at that time and I never could keep fish alive, so I was set on getting a cat. They are low maintenance, less expensive and just as lovable as a dog. A friend of mine had gotten a kitten from Chateau LaFayette in Tallahassee and told me there were still some left that needed a home. The next day, I drove over and picked out the cutest tuxedo kitten. Minutes later, the “crazy cat lady” was born. I had always been in love with the name Piper and since my kitten was a girl (or so I thought) I named her Piper. A few days later we had our first vet appointment and she was actually a he. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the name Piper so I added a hyphen and he was now known as Piper-Jacque. After all, much like myself, PJ loves all things french! Piper-Jacque is my sassy, French cat and always makes me happy. He loves to window watching, playing with his toy shrimp and has the daintiest meow ever! Today we are celebrating with extra treats and his favorite canned cat food.

{Piper’s first day home}


{First Halloween: Cutest Prisoner on the block}


{Always finding the best places to lounge}


{So majestic in his favorite chair}


{Playing with my favorite toys: canaries and goldfish}


{Mommy and PJ in the snow}



“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”


Three years ago today, my good friend called to tell me her cat, Petri, had finally given birth. I’d known for weeks that I was getting a kitten from this litter and couldn’t wait to meet the little nuggets. She had given them all names to identify each one and instantly, I bonded with the one named George. He was the spunky, curious kitten of the bunch and did whatever he wanted. He is still the same spunky, curious kitten today- only fluffier and  more mischievous. I can always count on items to be missing or “misplaced” when George is around. He leaves tumbleweeds of fur in his path and is the only cat I know that will give you a kiss on command. He loves to cuddle, play and most of all, eat treats. Happy 3RD Birthday George! I am so excited to spend today doing all the things you love (as seen in the pictures below)!

{The kittens just a few weeks old. George is obviously the outcast of the group}


{Playing dead: George’s favorite way to lay}


{Waiting in the sink while I get ready so he can steal my makeup brush}


{Caught in the act! George stole my makeup brush}


{Such a little ham: always posing for the camera}


{Mommy loves you!}


P.S. And yes, I’m obviously a crazy cat lady as I dedicated a blog post to my cat.

All You Need Is LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though today is considered a Hallmark holiday, it is still one of my favorites. Then again, I love any reason to celebrate. I am excited to celebrate today with one of the greatest guys I know, my boyfriend! I am such a lucky girl! Tonight I get to throw on my new dress and spend a romantic evening with my main squeeze. Last year, we bought each other the same card  (Weird, I know) so I’m interested to see what this Valentine’s day has in store. Whether you are in a relationship or single -today is still a fun day to spread some love and eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Enjoy it! Here are a few things making me happy today:

{Matt and I}


{Handmade Cat Valentine’s for my office}


{Fresh cut strawberries for tonight’s dessert}


{Date Night Outfit}


{Pink Tulips almost ready to bloom}