Little Red Dress


A little black dress is always a go-to for date nights, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I like to spruce things up a little. This year, I’ll be reaching for my little red dress, which is just as classic and adds that much needed pop of color. These are some of my favorite little red dresses  that will fit just about any budget. I’ll be wearing this scalloped number come V-day and I hope my boyfriend loves it just as much as I do!

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Atlanta Eats: Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ


One of the many perks about living in the South is that there is no shortage of barbecue. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I were craving some, so we headed over to Jim N’ Nick’s Bar-B-Q in Vinings for a dinner date. When we arrived, we were greeted with a warm basket of cheese and corn biscuits. They were absolutely delicious. We may or may not have had two baskets. I am still regretting not buying the mix to make them at home. After my biscuit indulgence, I enjoyed a plate of baby back ricks, baked beans and homestyle mac n’ cheese. The ribs are smoked, basked in Jim N’ Nick’s signature barbecue sauce and served ready to be peeled off the bone. It’s no secret that I love good barbecue. After my trip to Pigfest, I’ve been on the hunt for great barbecue in Atlanta. I highly recommend Jim N’ Nick’s. The atmosphere is casual, the service was excellent and our meal was incredible. I’m ready to go back for seconds.

{Famous cheese and corn biscuits}


{Fork tender baby back ribs topped with pickles, baked beans and mac n’ cheese}


{Signature sweet and spicy sauces}


Unofficial Date Night


My boyfriend and I are frequent moviegoers. We go to the movies at least once a week (usually on Tuesday). It’s become our “unofficial” date night. First, we grab a quick dinner at Five Guys then head to the theater. Going to the movies is an easy and somewhat cheap weeknight date. If we don’t get the opportunity to do something over the weekend, we at least got to fit in a movie date.Recently, we have seen 42 (such a good message) and The Place Beyond the Pines ( Ryan Gosling still looks good in a white trash role). Movie Tuesdays are about to get even better with this Summer’s movie lineup. So many great films are out or coming out-I can’t wait. Here are just a few that I’m looking forward to:

{The Great Gatsby: My all-time favorite book. I’ve read it over 13 times}


{Iron Man 3}

iron_man_3_new_poster (2)

{The Internship: My favorite wedding crashers take over Google}


{Despicable Me 2: Because I’m a kid at heart}


{Mud: This looks like an eerie drama}


What movies are you most excited to see?