Currently Craving: Boyfriend Jeans



According to Sunday’s discovery, we are still looking at six more weeks of Winter, but that isn’t stopping me from dreaming about my Spring wardrobe. The first thing I plan on adding to my closet is a pair of boyfriend jeans. They’re comfortable, can be dressed up or down, and pair well with just about any type of shoe. I can’t believe I don’t own a pair! There are  variety of brands to choose from, but here a few that I’m currently craving.


Olympic Cupcakes


The Winter Olympics begin tonight, so I whipped up some festive cupcakes to celebrate. I’ve always loved the Olympics, but as a former competitive figure skater, I appreciate the Winter Olympics even more. To show some USA team spirit, I used this recipe for the cake since it incorporates the red, white, and blue sprinkles. I even had some flag cupcake liners leftover from the 4th of July which were perfect. I topped the cupcakes with a homemade buttercream and some M&M’s to represent the Olympic rings. I’m looking forward to watching all the events, especially figure skating, and these cupcakes will be nice to snack on.









Little Red Dress


A little black dress is always a go-to for date nights, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I like to spruce things up a little. This year, I’ll be reaching for my little red dress, which is just as classic and adds that much needed pop of color. These are some of my favorite little red dresses  that will fit just about any budget. I’ll be wearing this scalloped number come V-day and I hope my boyfriend loves it just as much as I do!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide



Now that the “snowpacolypse” is over and life is back to normal, it’s time to focus on more important things-like Valentine’s Day and the fact that it’s just 15 days away! I’ve always been a sucker for anything girly and pink, so this year I’ve picked out things that are just that. Chocolates and roses are great, but you really can’t go wrong with a pretty necklace or some lacy lingerie. I am also loving this rose scented candle which smells amazing!

Snow Day

Snow 1

Atlanta had a snow day yesterday. Actually, it was more like a “Snowpacolypse” and to say we were not prepared would be an understatement. This city shutdown! The roads were extremely icy, traffic was horrible, and people (including my boyfriend) were having to find shelters anywhere they could. Between getting stuck in gridlock traffic for nine hours, having to abandon my car, then walk a mile to a friends house, the events that took place are still a complete shock to me. I’ve been wanting it to snow all winter, but this type of snow day is not what I had in mind. I’m happy to report I retrieved my car earlier today, reunited with my boyfriend, and we both made it safely home. Although at this point I’ll be happy if I never see snow again, we did manage to enjoy some of it before it melts tomorrow.

Snow 2

Snow 4

Snow 5{Snowy city skyline}

Snow 3{Reunited at last}

Snow 6{We survived Snowpacolypse 2014}

Weekend Snaps

snap 1

{Lunch at Yeah! Burger}

I’m always sad come Monday morning knowing that my weekend is over, but this past weekend in particular , I was especially sad to see go. It was one of those weekends where we had nothing planned, yet it turned out to be such a fun weekend. An old friend from college was strolling through town, so we headed down to the Westside Provisions District for some lunch and then to Atlantic Station to do a little shopping and show him the sights. Coincidentally, the Olympic Committee was there promoting the Road to Sochi tour. We got to partake in several interactive exhibits which included getting our photo snapped skiing in Sochi and filming a commercial segment  for AT&T that could appear during the Winter Olympics. I’ll keep you posted if they decide to air it! Sunday was spent relaxing watching trashy reality TV (my favorite) followed by an Italian style family dinner and the Grammys. It’s not often that perfect weekends come around, but they are even better when you least expect it.

snap 2

{Giant giraffe bust at Sid Mashburn}

snap 3

{Skiing in Sochi c/o Bear Naked}

Winter Beauty Essentials


Winter is my least favorite time of year, at least when it comes to my beauty routine. Cold temperatures plus dry heat can lead to chapped lips, dull complexion, and frizzy hair. Thankfully, though, I’ve come to rely on a few essential products to keep me looking fresh while I tackle the elements:

Hair: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum/ Josie Maran Argan Oil

When you have fine hair like myself, static cling is a major problem during the colder months.  The combination of cold temps and low humidity add extra electricity to my hair, resulting in one hot mess. I use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to tame fly aways and keep my hair smooth.  I’m also a huge of fan of Moroccan Argan Oil. It is great year round and keeps my hair hydrated to avoid any extra static cling.

Face: Bare Minerals Prime Time/ Clinique Moisturizing Lotion

Not only does cold weather cause my hair to go haywire, but it wreaks havoc on my skin. I have normal to dry skin, so when it’s cold out, my skin tends to be on the drier side. It’s important to stay extra moisturized during winter, so I use a combination of primer and lotion to keep it moist without being too oily. The primer keeps my makeup on all day, while the lotion keeps it from drying out.

Lips: Mally Gentle Lip Scrub/ Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

No matter how much water I drink my lips always managed to get chapped at some point during the season. To combat dry, flaky lips, I use Mally Gentle Lip Scrub before applying any type of lipstick. This stuff preps your lips and gets rid of all the flakes so your lipstick can glide on smooth. I also use Maybelline Baby Lips to keep my lips moist. It’s a tinted chapstick, so I can still have some color on my lips.

Nails: Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil/ Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Just like my skin, my cuticles always dry up when it’s cold. Before a manicure, I always soak my nails in Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil to replenish and rehydrate my cuticles. Plus, the apricot scent smells delicious. If I’m short on time, I rub some Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream on them. This stuff is not as messy as the cuticle oil, but moisturizes like a lotion. I keep it in my purse at all times.