Snow Day

Snow 1

Atlanta had a snow day yesterday. Actually, it was more like a “Snowpacolypse” and to say we were not prepared would be an understatement. This city shutdown! The roads were extremely icy, traffic was horrible, and people (including my boyfriend) were having to find shelters anywhere they could. Between getting stuck in gridlock traffic for nine hours, having to abandon my car, then walk a mile to a friends house, the events that took place are still a complete shock to me. I’ve been wanting it to snow all winter, but this type of snow day is not what I had in mind. I’m happy to report I retrieved my car earlier today, reunited with my boyfriend, and we both made it safely home. Although at this point I’ll be happy if I never see snow again, we did manage to enjoy some of it before it melts tomorrow.

Snow 2

Snow 4

Snow 5{Snowy city skyline}

Snow 3{Reunited at last}

Snow 6{We survived Snowpacolypse 2014}

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