Office Space

2014-01-12_20-43-04{Zinc Letter/Turquoise Lacquer Boxes/ Faux Fur Rug/ Calendar/Notepad/

White Desk Accessories/SS Print Shop Prints/Stationary}

I’ve been at my company for almost a year and have yet to settle into my office space. I’ve added a few decorations, mostly just some pictures, but my lack of decor does not make for an inviting work space. We are moving buildings in just a few weeks, which I means I will  be getting a new office and I can’t wait to decorate it! I really don’t have any control over the actual furniture, still I plan on adding my personal touch with a few chic accessories. My color scheme is going to be Mint + White, with a hint of gold (inspired by my Sugar Paper LA X Target Calendar), so I’ve rounded up a few items that will work perfectly with my new office decor.

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