Elf Tracker: Week 1

Elf Tracker

He’s back and he’s been a busy little elf! Oliver has been here a little over a week-making his way around the house, spreading holiday cheer, and helping us get into the Christmas spirit. I decided to do a weekly update of all his adventures so that you all can follow along. So far, he’s put on his warpaint to cheer on the Noles, decorated for Christmas, gotten chocolate wasted, and even did his best Miley Cyrus impression. I’ll do an update every week, but for those of you that want to follow him daily, you can browse social media using the hashtag #oliversadventures. Stay tuned for week 2!

Elf 2

{Days 1-4: Scouting out Black Friday deals, Go Noles, making the barcart festive, & decorating the chalkboard}

Elf 3elf 4

{Days 5-6: Trimming the tree & eating Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Caramels}

wrecking ball

{Day 7: Doing his best Miley Cyrus impression}

elf 5photo 2-8

{Days 8-9: Friday night holiday movies & hanging the stockings}

photo 1-11

{Day 10: Picking out the best holiday nail polishes}


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