Nole Nation


I’ve got to say it-HOW BOUT THEM NOLES?!! FSU is currently undefeated and I was finally able to witness another amazing win this past weekend, but thanks to a bad case of food poisoning-we almost didn’t make it! I’ll spare you the awful details though and skip right to the good parts. We arrived in Tallahassee on Friday night and went to the Downtown Getdown, a home pre-game tradition, where we listened to some live music, had a couple beers, and caught up with old friends, followed by a late night bonfire at our friend’s house.  It was a perfect Friday night! On Saturday we made it to the tailgate, got to sit 27 rows up from the 40 yard line on the Seminoles side, watched Bobby Bowden plant the spear to kick off the game, saw Jameis Winston in action, and of course, got revenge on NC State! Afterwards, we visited the Sod Cemetery and caught a glimpse of the last sod from our win against Clemson. Did you really think a little food poisoning was going to prevent us from cheering on our Noles? It just goes to show, even the best laid plans can go awry, but we tried to make the best of the situation. We can’t wait to see how things unfold this Saturday as we take on one of our biggest rivals, MIAMI!

photo-90photo 1-2

{Favorite tailgate spot/Tailgate recreation pic}

photo 3-2


photo-91photo 3-1

{Bobby Bowden/FSU Alums}



{Famous Jameis, himself-#5 on the sideline}




photo 1-3

photo 2-2

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