In Flight


We finally rode Skyview!!! I’d been anticipating a flight on Skyview since it first opened in July. We originally planned to take our first flight to celebrate our two year anniversary, but due to bad weather all Summer long, our plans kept getting postponed. We figured my birthday was an equally celebratory occasion, so when the forecast called for sunny weather and temps below 70, we ventured out to Centennial Olympic Park to take our first flight! Skyview rests at 20 stories high, providing amazing views of downtown Atlanta and it’s neighboring cities, plus you get your own private gondola that is climate controlled so you can adjust the temperature to fit your needs. It was a little scary once you reached the top, especially since the gondolas do swing a little, but my nerves were calmed once we caught a stunning view of the city. I’m so glad we opted for an evening ride because you really can see everything, including Kennesaw Mountain which is a good 25 miles away! It was such a magical way to celebrate my birthday, however my next flight will definitely be at night  so I can see all the pretty lights!



photo (3)


photo (2)photo 1

photo (1)

photo 2Me

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