DIY Garnet & Gold Pumpkins


Carving a pumpkin is one of my favorite Fall traditions. I love to make a big event out of it. I usually have some sort of pumpkin carving party/get together where everyone can carve their pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds, and drink pumpkin beer. This year my boyfriend and I decided to do an FSU theme for our big pumpkin (which we will carve a little closer to Halloween), so I decided to decorate our small pumpkins garnet and gold to accompany this theme. This was super easy to do and created much less of a mess than carving. You can obviously recreate this theme to reflect your personal taste, but in my opinion, the combination of garnet and gold makes some good looking pumpkins!


{Tools Needed: Pumpkin, Gold Spray Paint, Garnet Acrylic Paint, Glue, Gold Poms & Ribbon}

1. Clean and dry your pumpkin, then spray paint it completely gold. I recommend doing two coats. Let Dry.


2. Using a paintbrush, paint polka dots on the pumpkin with the garnet colored paint. I actually used a makeup brush since I couldn’t find a paintbrush. Use whatever works for you.


*Top tip: I went over the polka dots several times for a darker color.


3. Glue gold poms in between polka dots.


4. Tie a bow to the top using ribbon & display!


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