Twenty Five


Today I am a quarter of a century old. It feels so weird to write that! While my car insurance is now cheaper and I can officially rent a car, time is flying way too fast for my liking. I recently came across a list I made when I was 12 of certain goals I wanted to achieve before I turned 25. It included things like get straight A’s, become a cheerleader, go to Florida State, have a hot boyfriend, and get a dog named Chocolate or Moose. Clearly, my 12-year old self had some pretty high standards. It’s funny to look back and see which ones I actually accomplished. My favorite goal was to get a dog named Chocolate or Moose, because I completely forgot this list even existed and I ended up with loving dog named Moose. So, in the spirit of making lists (and the fact that I’m now 25), I felt it was time to set some new goals. I made a list of 25 things I hope to complete by my next birthday.

Cheers to 25!

1.  Read 25 new books.

2.  Take a photography class and learn how to use my DSLR camera properly.

3. Try five new foods.

4.  Attend one show at New York Fashion Week.

5. Find my signature scent-I rarely wear perfume.

6. Take a self-defense class or learn to shoot a gun.

7. Learn to French braid.

8.   Spend more time with family.

9.   Organize my iTunes, photos, and all the files on my Mac. It’s time to back up!

10. Finally get my passport.

11. Visit a winery, preferably in Napa, but I’ll settle for a local one.

12. Make it a habit to work out-take a yoga class, run a 5K, or actually use my gym membership.

13. Send more handwritten notes-thank yous, just thinking of you cards, etc.

14. Take a spontaneous trip with my boyfriend and visit a city we’ve never been before.

15. Pay it forward-25 acts of random kindness.

16. Finish reading the 50 Shades of Grey series, then go see the movie. {Does not count for #1}

17. Take a cooking class.

18. Invest in some new cookbooks, then cook 25 new recipes.

19. Re-learn French. It’s sad that after 6 years of classes & one summer with a French exchange student, I’m still not fluent.

20. Join a charitable organization. {Junior League, maybe?}

21. Participate in a flash mob. {My mom has already done this one haha}

22. Blog at least 4 times a week.

23. Attend a blogging conference.

24. Join a blog association. I’ve got several in mind.

25. Put $50 into savings for every goal accomplished {$1250, baby}.


3 thoughts on “Twenty Five

  1. bluntsbookblog says:

    I love this list…apart from number 6! I am from the UK and will never understand the US thinking behind owning guns/learning how to use them.

    I really love number number 13! I must do this too

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