Pumpkin Farm


With October already halfway over, it’s been killing me that I couldn’t get a pumpkin sooner. I’m the type of person that gets excited for Halloween in April, so you can see my disappointment when I realized my favorite holiday is just 16 days away and I had yet to get one. I made it a priority this past weekend to change things, so my boyfriend and I drove up to my favorite pumpkin farm in Dawsonville for our 3rd Annual Pumpkin Outing. Burt’s grows thousands of pumpkins every year, with sizes ranging from 1 lb. to 150 lbs., along with a variety of winter squash, gourds, and Indian corn. We literally saw pumpkins bigger than me! They provide you with a wheel barrow which makes the pumpkin picking process much easier, especially if you are bringing home the big Bertha sized ones. My favorite pumpkins were the large white ones, but it felt wrong not getting an orange one, so we picked out a large orange one to bring home. I even got two little pumpkins for my cats (yes, they get their own). I’m so excited we finally got our pumpkins. It’s beginning to feel more like Halloween every day. Now I get to look forward to our pumpkin carving party!


{Rows of Indian Corn}




{These were my favorite}




{The chosen one}




{3rd Annual Pumpkin Patch Pic}


{Our little pumpkins}


{View of the Amicalola River leaving Burt’s}


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