Homemade Apple Butter

Apple Butter

Before I embarked on my adventures in apple picking, I had already predetermined several things to make with said apples, one recipe in particular-homemade apple butter. It’s my go-to condiment anytime I order French toast or biscuits, yet it can be very intimidating to make on your own. Not only is apple butter labor intensive (you have to peel, core, and slice the apples), but it is also time consuming.  Luckily, I turned to Martha for guidance and this trusty tool to speed up the process. I followed her recipe for overnight apple butter and it could not have been easier. My Apple Mate did all the hard work for me in less than 10 minutes, so all I really had to do was throw everything into my crock-pot and wait. The next morning, my house smelled of cinnamon and I had fresh apple butter to enjoy with my breakfast. This recipe yields 6 pints, which was the perfect amount to can and give away as gifts.






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