pumpkick{“Pump-Kick” Chili}

It’s Friday, chili cook off day, and it’s also my 100th blog post! WOW! When I started my blog back in January, I never imagined I would still be blogging 9 months later, but it has truly become a passion of mine. I love writing on here-sharing my ideas, recipes and peak into my everyday life. I’m so thankful to all my readers and hope you will continue to follow along. There will be some exciting changes on here in the near future, including a site redesign and some giveaways, so stay tuned! In other news, today is my company’s annual chili cook off and I’m hoping my “Pump-Kick” chili can bring home the gold (recipe here)! It’s currently simmering away in my crock-pot next to the 10 other competitors, but if I don’t place, at least there will be plenty of craft beer to drink afterword. The past few weekends have been pretty jammed pack with plans and entertaining, so I’m really looking forward to having no set plans this weekend. I just started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (it’s so addicting, don’t judge), which means I can guaranty I’ll be watching as many episodes as I can in a 2-day span. My mom and I may attempt apple picking again if I can stray away from the TV long enough. On that note, cheers to a relaxing weekend and may the odds be in my chili’s favor!


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