Manicure Monday: Garnet & Gold

Garnet and Gold

Florida State game day is finally here! After a weekend of hearing everyone else cheer on their teams, I’m glad it’s time to cheer on mine. I’ve had our at home tailgate and my game day outfit planned for quite some time, so it was only fitting that my manicure be just as festive. Using some fall favorites from Essie, I gave my nails a garnet and gold game day inspired look. This manicure can easily be recreated to represent any team, but I am loving how well the garnet and gold go together. I posted a short tutorial below. GO NOLES!

Garnet 6

{Tools Needed: Essie Skirting the Issue, Good as Gold, a pencil, and tape (not pictured)}

1. Begin by painting 4 nails of your choice garnet using Essie Skirting the Issue. Paint one nail gold using Essie Good as Gold.

Garnet 5

2. Add garnet polka dots to the gold nail using the tip of a pencil.

Garnet 4

3. Using scotch tape, form a chevron shape on one of your garnet nails. Paint your nail gold below the tape.


4. Once polish is dry, peel tape off to reveal design.


{Game day ready nails! Go Noles! >—//—>}



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