Glamping 101


Summer is fading and Atlanta is already starting to feel the effects of Fall. Nights and mornings are getting cooler, and in my opinion, this in-between season is the perfect time to go on a camping trip. It’s not too hot, not too cold and still perfectly acceptable to roast s’mores around a campfire. I mentioned to my boyfriend the other day that we should plan a camping trip before the weather gets really cold. His ears quickly perked up, and he responded, “Yes! I really want to go on a rugged camping trip like Naked and Afraid, living off the land with very little resources, using only our survival skills.” That wasn’t exactly my vision for the camping trip, so I had to rephrase my statement, “Let’s go glamping!” Glamping, also referred to as Glamorous Camping, is a way to experience the splendor of the outdoors without forgoing the creature comforts you can’t live without. I’m all for being outdoorsy, but I prefer to be well prepared, amenities within reach . Here are my favorite glamping  essentials, including my personal favorites- this pullover from Camp Brand Goods and this MiniMergency Kit from J.Crew. With the long weekend ahead, it’s the perfect time to plan a glamping trip. Happy Glamping!



3 thoughts on “Glamping 101

  1. Shell Robshaw-Bryan (Camping With Style) says:

    Glamping is a joy! I don’t believe that to get a good outdoors experience you have to go down the bushcraft route and you can have an equally joyous experience if you take some luxuries with you. I hate that camping is so much about utility, without much thought to design. I love pretty things and I love comfort so I always go for camping products that are both practical and pretty! Great article by the way 😀

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