Manicure Monday: Polish Pairings


One of my favorite indulgences is a bi-weekly mani/pedi, but it’s very rare that I paint my toes the same color as my nails. Mixing hues can be fun, however it’s important the colors complement each other. I usually opt for lighter, neutral tones on my nails and brighter, unconventional tones on my toes. I put together my five favorite color combinations that I rotate frequently. I’m currently loving Essie’s Van D’ Go and Smokin’ Hot for the perfect in-between season look. Van D’ Go is a peachy pink which is still appropriate for warm Summer weather, yet pairs perfectly with Smokin’ Hot-a purplish-greige that is perfect for Fall.

Here are five of my favorite color combinations:

 Pair 1: Essie Van D’ Go & Smokin’ Hot

Pair 2: Essie Minimalistic & Over the Top

Pair 3: Essie Tart Deco & Fifth Avenue

Pair 4: Essie Mint Candy Apple & Good as Gold

Pair 5: Essie Bikini So Teeny & Play Date


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