H&M: Fall Favorites



I didn’t become accustomed to online shopping until college. Living in a college town is great in some aspects-short commute, perfect for tailgating and plenty of bars, but it lacks in other areas such as shopping. I began shopping online at my favorite stores since it wasn’t feasible to drive 5 hours home every time I wanted a new shirt. One store however, H&M, did not have an e-commerce site for shopping in the US, so I would have to plan my trips accordingly and go on a major spree every time I visited home. I no longer have to burn a huge hole in my wallet since there are 3 H&M’s within a 10 mile radius of my house, but sometimes the option of online shopping provides a nice convenience, which is why I’m proud to announce H&M has opened its e-commerce site. I repeat, you can now shop online at H&M! I’m sad this wasn’t around when I was in college, but I am glad that I can now shop H&M without having to leave home. This brings my online shopping addiction to a whole new level.  I’ve already picked out some of my favorite Fall items on their site, including this tweed blazer, this faux leather skirt and this graphic tank-I obviously need more shirts with cats on them. I also love this skull print dress which will be perfect come October!


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