Run or Dye


On Saturday I was finally able to cross another item off of my Summer Bucket List-run a 5K. As mentioned here, my boyfriend and I, along with some friends, participated in Run or Dye, “the World’s Most Colorful 5K.” We color-blasted our way through downtown Atlanta with stops at the 1996 Olympic Rings, Georgia’s State Capitol and Turner Field. Throughout the race, color dye (similar to cornstarch)  is thrown on you at certain checkpoints. Don’t worry, it is non-toxic. My favorite part was getting to throw my own pack of dye on other people, especially my boyfriend, who I covered in pink powder. I’m by no means a runner, so this event was perfect for my first 5K. It was laid back, you could run/walk/dance, and there was huge color filled festival at the finish line!  While it was tons of fun, it’s Monday and I’m still reminiscent of a Smurf. I have blue coloring all over my legs and hands that refuses to come off and I’ve showered 3 times. Yikes! I’m so glad I was able to experience my first color run and even managed to snap a few photos without ruining my iPhone.


{Before & After}


{Team: These Colors Don’t Run}



{Ready to start}


{Historic Mid Race Stops: 1996 Olympic Rings & Georgia State Capitol}


{At the finish line}


{Post Race Euphoria}


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