Shark Week


{ “I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat”}

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s almost that time of year again-Shark Week is upon us! In just two days, the Discovery Channel will be airing its 26th annual Shark Week and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve always been fascinated by sharks (even though I’m deathly afraid of them) and since I love any reason to celebrate-I go all out for Shark Week. This year, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating with a fun little drinking game (see rules below) and these Shark Bite cupcakes. I made them last year and they were so fitting that I have to make them again. I’m so glad I went to the beach last weekend because after watching Shark week- I’ll be terrified of the ocean for at least another year. How will you be celebrating?


{Last Year’s Shark Bite Cupcake: Vanilla Cake with Berry Filling topped with a Swiss Meringue Buttercream}

The Official Shark Week Drinking Game 

1. Anytime someone is referred to as a “shark expert” take two sips.

2. When a shark becomes airborne, take a drink and continue drinking until the shark is back in the water.

3. Anytime you hear someone speak in an Australian accent, take one sip.

4. Anytime someone gives advice on how to survive a shark attack (yeah because it’s totally up to you), take two sips.

5. Anytime you hear the Jaws theme, take three sips.

6. When you see a reenactment of a shark attack, take two sips.

7. When you hear a story of someone dying from a shark attack, finish your drink in their honor (then go get another).

8. Anytime someone gets submerged in a steel cage, take three sips.

9. Anytime you see a shark get trapped or captured, take two sips.


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