Blue Dog


{March 2000-July 2013}

Although my reputation as a “crazy cat lady” precedes me, I actually grew up with 2 dogs that also hold a special place in my heart. It has almost been a week since my family and I had to say goodbye to our Blue dog. For those of you who are not aware, Blue suffered a stroke last Thursday which left him paralyzed from the waist down. With his health quickly deteriorating, we had to make the tough decision on Friday morning to put him down. It wasn’t easy letting him go- he’s been a loyal companion and huge part of our family for 13 years. I remember the day we first got him like it was yesterday. Naturally, we were at the ballpark for one of my brother’s baseball games and some people were giving away FREE PUPPIES! As soon as I found out, I ran over to my dad and begged him to let us have a dog. We walked over together to check out the litter. They were too cute to say no. I picked out the biggest one, originally called Goliath, with the fluffiest black fur and huge paws. After the game was over, we surprised my brother with our new puppy. It took no time at all to give him a name. Blue was our first choice since my brother was on the Blue All-star team and if you look through his fur, his skin looks blue. I miss Blue dog so much, but I’m thankful for all the great memories we made these past 13 years. Here are some of my favorites:

-After a long day at Summer camp, we came home to find Blue had completely ripped all the stuffing out of our couch, chewed up some candles that were on the coffee table, and a photo album that was left out. My parents decided from that point on, he would have to stay in the kitchen with a baby gate. The next day we came home and he had chewed the trim in our kitchen and our kitchen table chairs. FAIL!

blue puppy

{Who could be mad at this face?}

-For Blue’s first Halloween we dressed him in a devil costume and brought him to my brother’s football practice. His leash got loose somehow and he ran into the middle of the practice field and took care of business. The coach wasn’t very happy, but it made for a good laugh. Going forward, he was always referred to as “Devil Dog”

Devil Dog

{Devil Dog doesn’t like to pose for pics}

-Blue always accompanied our family to Cody’s baseball games. We traveled all Summer with baseball. He loved going to the park and sort of became the team mascot.

blue and cody

{Blue and Cody after the Blue All-Stars won the District Championship}

-That couch Blue tore up as a puppy became “his couch.” We moved it into our family room (which we never use) for Blue to lay on as he pleased. If you were looking for Blue, he was probably napping on his couch.

Blue Couch

-Blue never really liked playing with other dogs. He would usually growl or bark as they walked by our house, let alone step foot in our yard. But, when Moose arrived as a small puppy, Blue took him under his wing and they became friends instantly.


-Blue loved to play in the backyard. He would sometimes pretend not to hear you calling him to come inside, but he would always eventually come back.


-He hated thunderstorms. If there was ever thunder, you could find Blue hiding under a table or curled up on his bed upstairs. He would forget how big he is and try to hide in the smallest places.


-I’m going to miss taking Blue for walks and playing with him in the front yard. He loved to sunbathe.


I knew that Blue was getting older and we didn’t have many years left with him, so I painted a portrait of Blue and gave it to my parents for Christmas. I’m so glad I did it! Not only was last Christmas our last one with Blue, but now we have a beautiful portrait of him that will last forever.


{My last picture of Blue at the vet last Friday.  I miss my Devil Dog so much!}



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