Manicure Monday: Color Run Nails


This upcoming Saturday, my boyfriend and I (plus a few friends) are running in the “World’s Most Colorful 5k”-Run or Dye. I’ve been looking forward to this colorful run all Summer, and in anticipation of the event, I painted my nails to match the occasion. I splattered my favorite Essie colors over my white nails to give them that “thrown paint” look. I love how vibrant the colors are and the best part about a splatter paint manicure-I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined on race day!


{Tools: Essie Blanc, Madison Ave-Hue, Tart Deco, Navigate Her, Bikini So Teeny, Play Date & a Straw}

1. Begin by painting your nails a white base coat. I used Essie Blanc.


2. Add drops of the colored paint on top of the white base coat.


3. Using the end of a straw, splatter the paint all over your nails. Don’t be worried if the colors mix. They are supposed to look messy!


{Finished Product}



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