Atlanta Eats: Two Urban Licks


I chose Two Urban Licks for our anniversary dinner for two reasons: delicious food and an even better atmosphere. TWO’s menu consists of fiery American cooking in a high-energy, urban environment. They specialize in wood-fire selections such as duck, fish and barbecue, but the real focal point is the live rotating rotisserie located in the middle of the restaurant. The open kitchen concept allows you to see exactly how your food is prepared. The bar also plays into this “open display” concept by hanging infused cocktails with exotic fruits from it’s rafters for patrons to see. I indulged with a White Peach Sangria and it was absolutely amazing. One just wasn’t enough! Matt and I both chose wood-fire options for our entrees. I had the salmon which was served in a soy ginger vinaigrette and Matt had the bistro steak rubbed in a chimichurri. Both were excellent choices. We couldn’t leave without having dessert, so we treated ourselves to a butterscotch créme brulee. It was our two year anniversary after all!


{White Peach Sangria}


{Grilled Salmon, Baby Bok Coy, & Shitake Mushrooms in a Soy Ginger Vinaigrette}


{Butterscotch Créme Brulee & Sand Dollar Cookies}


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