Cookies & Cream Cupcakes


I mentioned these cupcakes in my last post, but I didn’t really discuss them in detail. Aside from being my boyfriend’s favorite, they are the best cupcakes ever! They taste exactly like an Oreo. My good friend introduced to me to this recipe by Paula Deen and it’s been my go-to cupcake ever since. I’ve made them for family events, friend’s going away parties, and even added gummy worms to the top to give them a “dirty 30” look for a friends 30th birthday. Whatever occasion you make them for, you won’t be disappointed. In the past I’ve tried substituting low-fat milk for whole to make them somewhat healthier, but I found they don’t turn out as moist. Now, I use less sugar in the frosting (between 3-4 cups instead of 9). Don’t let the excessive amount of butter and sugar scare you away-they are worth every bite!






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