Atlanta Eats: The Vortex


After our little shopping excursion on the Westside, we headed to Little Five Points to grab a quick lunch at The Vortex. This hipster hangout is well known for its craft beers and burger selection, but its The Vortex’s unique décor that grabs people’s attention. A 20-foot laughing skull-shaped façade, now a beloved Atlanta landmark, dons the front entrance, establishing this joint as a “no prep zone.” I felt a little out of place in my J. Crew ensemble, but that feeling quickly changed once we took our seats. We were greeted immediately and handed our menus, or should I say “The Rules.”  Each menu contains a set of the House Rules that eliminate any high maintenance customers. My personal favorite-“This is an idiot-free zone.” As a former server, I can appreciate a restaurant with a “no-nonsense” attitude. The rules gave me a good laugh, but my eyes were quickly drawn to the burger section of the menu. With options like the Triple Coronary Bypass, three burger patties topped with 14 slices of cheese and fried egg, or the Fat Elvis, a burger served with fried plantains and a peanut butter spread, it was hard to make a decision. We finally settled on the Blue ‘Shroom and Lone Star Texas Melt and they were delicious! I definitely recommend getting the sweet potato fries with marshmallow goo as a side item. This was a great, rainy day lunch spot. You really can’t go wrong with beer and burgers.




{Idiot-free zone}


{Blue ‘Shroom Burger with Sweet Potato Fries & Marshmallow Goo}


{Lone Star Texas Melt}


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