Sky View


 { Ferris Wheel at Bonnaroo 2009}

I’ve never really been much of a ride rider. I don’t like rollercoasters-with the exception of Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney. The thought of being flipped upside down scares me. I’m usually the girl stuck holding everyone’s belongings while they enjoy the ride. I do, however, love Ferris Wheels! They feel safer to me than a rollercoaster, look so pretty when lit up at night, have a romantic feel about them and they’re the ONE ride I can actually ride! I’ve developed a love for them over the years. I eventually plan on riding all the Ferris Wheels in the world. It’s a reasonable goal. So, you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Skyview was coming to Atlanta. At 20 stories high, Skyview overlooks metro Atlanta with 42 climate controlled gondolas. That’s right, the gondolas are air conditioned in the Summer and heated in Winter. Plus, it opens just  20 days before my two year anniversary, July 22nd!  Riding the Ferris Wheel is such a nostalgic summertime activity that I couldn’t imagine a more perfect way to spend my anniversary.


{Ferris Wheel at North Florida Fair 2010}


{Ferris Wheel at North Florida Fair 2011}


{ Ferris Wheel at Final Four Fest in Centennial Park 2013}


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