Mountain Mornings


This past Saturday, my mom and I took our dogs for a walk at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Once known for its role in the Civil War, Kennesaw Mountain is now a state park. I’ve been going here ever since I moved to Georgia. The park contains over 18 miles of trails, several areas for picnics, a huge field and an amazing view of Atlanta from the top of the mountain. It’s a great place to get some fresh air .We normally walk the paved path up the mountain, but in an attempt to be adventurous we decided to try out one of the hiking trails. It was certainly an adventure! The initial trail we started on lead to other trails which turned our casual walk into a 4 mile trek through the woods. It was quite the hike! Even my very energetic lab was gassed half way through. We did discover some historical sites along the way- an old education building and an area that was once a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp.  Not knowing if the trail was ever going to end, we eventually turned around. A morning hike was the perfect way to start my Saturday (although my thighs may disagree) and to reward our hard efforts, we stopped at Mountain Biscuits for a belated breakfast.

      IMG_4871  IMG_4861


IMG_4852 IMG_4854





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