Atlanta Eats: Marietta Diner


A few weeks back my boyfriend and I had plans to attend the Marietta Greek Festival, but bad weather put a damper on our plans. Literally! It rained all weekend and while we could have made an effort to attend, wet baklava just didn’t seem appetizing. So, we headed to the next best location for Greek fare-the Marietta Diner. You may have seen this gem on the Food Network, the Marietta Diner specializes in homemade Greek food but also serves a variety of cuisines. The menu has everything from spanikopita and souvlaki to patty melts and omelets. After the complimentary spanikopita, I enjoyed warm matzo ball soup followed by the Chicken St. Marie, a chicken breast rubbed in oregano then sauteed in a lemon sauce. I was so stuffed from dinner that I didn’t have any room for dessert, although the cheesecake selection looked amazing. If you are ever in Marietta, I highly recommend you give this place a try. We were able to get our fill of delicious Greek food and the best part-we didn’t have to sit in the rain to do it!


{Famous Spanikopita Appetizer}


{Matzo Ball Soup}


{Grilled chicken in a lemon and oregano sauce served with steamed vegetables}



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