Gatsby Glam


I’ve always been a fan of The Great Gatsby (I’ve read it over 14 times), so when I heard that Baz Luhrmann was remaking this classic, I had to see it. Last Tuesday, my boyfriend and I saw it for our usual date night and it exceeded my expectations! The storyline stayed true to the book, the cast was amazing (Leo has been a longtime crush), but more importantly, the costumes were exquisite. Intricate headpieces, elaborate beaded dresses, strings of pearls, and of course, the famous flapper dress were prominent throughout the film. Could 1920’s fashion be more perfect? The main characters also flaunted an array of textures, including silk kimonos, neutral linen suits and elegant lace dresses. Wanting to incorporate some of this “Gatsby glam” into my everyday wardrobe, I’ve picked out some key pieces that blend the wonderfully deco style of the Jazz age with a more modern twist. My favorite piece from the movie was the printed head scarf Carey Mulligan’s character wore while at Gatsby’s mansion. I plan on emulating that same look this summer while lounging poolside.

1. River Island Embellished Top

2. Theodora and Callum Head Scarf

3. Deepa Gurnani Embellished Headband

4. Topshop Fringe Leather Dress 

5. Bauble Bar Onyx Drop Earring

6. Truth or Dare Englin Pump

7. Bauble Bar Pearl Tassel

8. Topshop Embroidered Vintage Slip

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