Working Girl


After graduating college, I was so excited to work in an office. I would get to join the masses in the business world, interact with clients, sit at an actual desk,  but most importantly-dress the part. I had always wanted to wear the modern version of a  “power suit.” It’s classy, sophisticated, intimidating and looks way better than my previous job’s uniform (“Bushmans” are never a good look). The day finally arrived when I landed my first job at a public relations firm and I proudly walked in wearing my new power suit. As the day went on, I didn’t feel intimidating at all, just uncomfortable. I didn’t feel like me. I quickly realized that the power suit was a uniform in itself. It had no character and clearly didn’t portray my own personal style. I decided to switch up my work wardrobe, taking my favorite everyday pieces and pairing them with office appropriate pieces. One of my favorite office looks is a chic dress, tailored blazer, statement necklace and heels. This is the perfect combination for spring, emphasizing bright colors and neutral pieces.

1. Topshop Blazer

2. Mossimo Dress

3. Merona Skinny Belt

4. Anthropologie Necklace

5. Aldo Nude Pumps


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