Manicure Monday: Nude Ombré


When it comes to nail art, I always look to Emily Schuman for inspiration. She is the author of Cupcakes and Cashmere (a daily read of mine), guest blogger for Estée Lauder and her nails are always well polished. A few weeks ago, I posted this post discussing my favorite neutral polishes. I used to think they were old and boring, but have recently grown to love them. So, when I saw Emily posted this tutorial on how to achieve a nude ombré nail, I had to recreate it on myself. The ombré trend adds a fun spin to a classic hue, yet still looks chic and sophisticated. This manicure, paired with my favorite neutral staples, makes for the perfect monochromatic look for spring.

{Left to right: Ulta Parlez Vous Francais, Essie Au Natural, Essie Sand Tropez, Ulta Brownette, Essie Hot Coco}


{Noteworthy Neutrals}



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