Play Ball


Baseball season is back! It was opening week at Turner Field and we headed out for our first game of the season. We’d had our tickets for a few weeks, so despite the extremely cold weather (43 degrees) and 90 percent chance of rain, we decided to brave (no pun intended) the elements to watch the Braves take on the Phillies. Besides, it was another opportunity to check off one more item on the Atlanta Bucket List. I threw on my Braves sweatshirt, extra layers and my favorite red rain boots with every intention of staying warm. I wasn’t about to let a little,  okay a LOT, of cold keep me from getting my chop on! After grabbing a couple beers and hot dogs, we took our seats in the right field pavilion. The view was great and since the game was obviously not sold out, we got to move quite close to field level. Before the start of the 7th inning, we couldn’t handle the cold and mist any longer! We left our seats and finished watching the game in the Chophouse (a somewhat warmer atmosphere) over overpriced beers. Sadly, the Braves lost 2-0. I’m glad we got to attend a game opening week but I’m definitely looking forward to going to much warmer ones this Summer!

{Are we at Turner Field or in Oz?}


{Braves Country}


{The game wouldn’t have been complete without beer and a hot dog}


{Play Ball!}


{Only fans in the stands}


{A crowded Chophouse due to bad weather}


{Warming up with beers in the Chophouse}



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