Happy 5th Birthday to my sweet Piper-Jacque! I can’t believe it has already been five years. After my first year of college, I decided that I wanted my own pet. A dog probably would have been too much to handle at that time and I never could keep fish alive, so I was set on getting a cat. They are low maintenance, less expensive and just as lovable as a dog. A friend of mine had gotten a kitten from Chateau LaFayette in Tallahassee and told me there were still some left that needed a home. The next day, I drove over and picked out the cutest tuxedo kitten. Minutes later, the “crazy cat lady” was born. I had always been in love with the name Piper and since my kitten was a girl (or so I thought) I named her Piper. A few days later we had our first vet appointment and she was actually a he. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice the name Piper so I added a hyphen and he was now known as Piper-Jacque. After all, much like myself, PJ loves all things french! Piper-Jacque is my sassy, French cat and always makes me happy. He loves to window watching, playing with his toy shrimp and has the daintiest meow ever! Today we are celebrating with extra treats and his favorite canned cat food.

{Piper’s first day home}


{First Halloween: Cutest Prisoner on the block}


{Always finding the best places to lounge}


{So majestic in his favorite chair}


{Playing with my favorite toys: canaries and goldfish}


{Mommy and PJ in the snow}


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