Mini Lemon Cupcakes


This upcoming Sunday is Easter and though I may be too old to decorate eggs, I’m not too old to bake holiday themed sweets. I debated for a while on what kind of festive treat to make. First it was egg-shaped sugar cookies, then it was a bunny cake or carrot cake cupcakes, but when I found these cute, little egg cartons-I knew what to do! I made these adorable “hatched chick” cupcakes. A regular sized cupcake would not fit in the egg carton so I had to improvise and make mini cupcakes. Plus, you don’t feel as guilty every time you eat one 😉 I thought a lemon flavored cupcake would be perfect for Spring. I used this recipe and topped them with my own lemon cream cheese frosting that I dyed yellow to look like baby chicks. Once the cupcakes were done, I decorated my cartons for Easter and they were ready to serve!








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