Game On


 The moving process can be quite annoying. Aside from packing, unpacking and hauling your stuff up four flights of stairs, you also have to set up utilities, cable and internet. Unfortunately, Comcast hasn’t been able to come by yet therefore-no internet. With temperatures in the low 30’s, my boyfriend and I have resorted to playing board games and watching old DVD’s to keep us entertained inside. But seriously, what did people do before cable and internet? This lack in technology has inspired me to host a game night. A game night is an easy, cheap way to hang out with friends without having to leave your home. Beating my boyfriend in Monopoly is just a bonus!

Rules of Game Night:

1. The Games- Choose games that allow multiple players. It’s always more fun when a lot of people can play. Pictionary is one of my favorites!


2. The Snacks- Snacks are a key part of hosting a game night. Choose snacks that are light and easy to eat with your hands. Popcorn, pretzels and nuts are great finger foods and easy to prepare for a number of people. Be sure to serve a variety of drinks. You can never go wrong with soda or beer.


3. The Seating- Comfortable seating is super important. Since games will most likely be played on the floor or coffee table, I like to have extra pillows on hand for my guests to use. I also put out blankets in case someone gets cold.


4. ENJOY! Game night is supposed to be relaxed and casual. Wear comfy clothes, grab a beer and win! 🙂


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