“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”


Three years ago today, my good friend called to tell me her cat, Petri, had finally given birth. I’d known for weeks that I was getting a kitten from this litter and couldn’t wait to meet the little nuggets. She had given them all names to identify each one and instantly, I bonded with the one named George. He was the spunky, curious kitten of the bunch and did whatever he wanted. He is still the same spunky, curious kitten today- only fluffier and  more mischievous. I can always count on items to be missing or “misplaced” when George is around. He leaves tumbleweeds of fur in his path and is the only cat I know that will give you a kiss on command. He loves to cuddle, play and most of all, eat treats. Happy 3RD Birthday George! I am so excited to spend today doing all the things you love (as seen in the pictures below)!

{The kittens just a few weeks old. George is obviously the outcast of the group}


{Playing dead: George’s favorite way to lay}


{Waiting in the sink while I get ready so he can steal my makeup brush}


{Caught in the act! George stole my makeup brush}


{Such a little ham: always posing for the camera}


{Mommy loves you!}


P.S. And yes, I’m obviously a crazy cat lady as I dedicated a blog post to my cat.


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