This past Saturday, Matt and I ventured out to the North Florida Fairgrounds for Pigfest 2013. Aside from the cold and windy weather, we managed to enjoy some awesome barbecue, beer and live music. After sampling barbecue from all over the state of Florida, we decided that E.T.’s BBQ was our favorite. The ribs were so tender and moist, the meat fell right off the bone. You could pick your choice of mild garlic barbecue sauce or spicy garlic barbecue sauce. I chose the mild and it was to die for! For dessert, we stopped by the Turnover Cafe Truck for some Picarones-a fried turnover filled with butternut squash and sweet potato. If you have never had one, I highly recommend it! Before leaving Pigfest, we munched on some fried gator (like true Seminoles) and purchased a few goodies for our kitchen including a gun powder chicken/rib rub that I can’t wait to experiment with!

{One of the most creative looking BBQ Trucks}


{It’s not BBQ without some butt fries!}


{E.T.’S BBQ Platter: Ribs, Chicken & Pork served with Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Beans & Garlic BBQ Sauce}


{Getting my hands dirty}


{Fried gator on a stick}


{Picarones from the Turnover Cafe Truck}


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