Big Easy Beignets


Mardi Gras  is next Tuesday and I have been craving a taste of New Orleans! Unfortunately, I can’t be there to enjoy the festivities so I decided to bring NOLA to me. Beignets ( aka french donuts) have always been a favorite of mine and Cafe du Monde is well known for their hot and delicious beignets. Who doesn’t love fried dough and powdered sugar? I’m normally not a fan of box mixes but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice authenticity. I wanted my beignets to be as close as possible to the ones served at Cafe du Monde. I purchased this box and began the beignet making process. The directions were easy to follow and within minutes I had fluffy, golden brown beignets waiting to be dipped in syrup. Since beignets are fried, I want to warn you not to overheat your oil. It can cause the dough to burn as well as make your kitchen very smoky. I wouldn’t know this from experience 😉 Also, the thickness of your dough determines how fluffy they come out. I chose to make mine thinner as I prefer them to be smaller. If you want to go the traditional route, serve with a side of chicory coffee or if you want to spice things up, such as myself, serve with a bloody mary! All in all, they tasted great and  I enjoyed my own little fete without having to leave my house.



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