Six Years

I can’t believe the day is finally here! Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are moving to Atlanta. I have spent the past six years in Tallahassee and it is definitely a bittersweet feeling to leave. I am excited for a new chapter in my life, being closer to family and friends and getting to call myself a Georgia girl again but, I’m going to miss all the great people and memories I am leaving behind. I wish I could include them all but here are some of my favorite:

{Dorm Room Days}


{First Job in Tallahassee: Po’Boys}


{Margaritas at El Jalisco’s}

el jalisco

{White Trash Bash}




{FSU Tailgates}


{Visits from my Parents}




{Meeting this guy}


{Big Champagne Bash at Hotel Duval}


{Martinis at Proof}


{Awesome Co-Workers}


{ and quick trips to the beach}


Flower Power

Flower PowerI always look forward to Spring fashion. Bright colors, bold prints and muted neutrals always play a major role in my spring wardrobe. This season, floral prints are blooming. Floral is on everything from cropped trousers to hair accessories and I can’t get enough of it! You can mix and match florals together or wear them with your favorite solid piece. I plan on pairing my florals with contrasting bright pieces. Here are just a few of my favorite floral pieces this season:

1. LC Lauren Conrad Floral Chiffon Blouse

2. Eight Sixty Kona Dress

3. Anthropologie Charlie Trousers

4. Forever21 Hair Accesories

5. Prabal Gurung Skirt

6. MINKPINK Chelsea Blazer



This past Saturday, Matt and I ventured out to the North Florida Fairgrounds for Pigfest 2013. Aside from the cold and windy weather, we managed to enjoy some awesome barbecue, beer and live music. After sampling barbecue from all over the state of Florida, we decided that E.T.’s BBQ was our favorite. The ribs were so tender and moist, the meat fell right off the bone. You could pick your choice of mild garlic barbecue sauce or spicy garlic barbecue sauce. I chose the mild and it was to die for! For dessert, we stopped by the Turnover Cafe Truck for some Picarones-a fried turnover filled with butternut squash and sweet potato. If you have never had one, I highly recommend it! Before leaving Pigfest, we munched on some fried gator (like true Seminoles) and purchased a few goodies for our kitchen including a gun powder chicken/rib rub that I can’t wait to experiment with!

{One of the most creative looking BBQ Trucks}


{It’s not BBQ without some butt fries!}


{E.T.’S BBQ Platter: Ribs, Chicken & Pork served with Mac n’ Cheese, Baked Beans & Garlic BBQ Sauce}


{Getting my hands dirty}


{Fried gator on a stick}


{Picarones from the Turnover Cafe Truck}


All You Need Is LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though today is considered a Hallmark holiday, it is still one of my favorites. Then again, I love any reason to celebrate. I am excited to celebrate today with one of the greatest guys I know, my boyfriend! I am such a lucky girl! Tonight I get to throw on my new dress and spend a romantic evening with my main squeeze. Last year, we bought each other the same card  (Weird, I know) so I’m interested to see what this Valentine’s day has in store. Whether you are in a relationship or single -today is still a fun day to spread some love and eat a ridiculous amount of chocolate. Enjoy it! Here are a few things making me happy today:

{Matt and I}


{Handmade Cat Valentine’s for my office}


{Fresh cut strawberries for tonight’s dessert}


{Date Night Outfit}


{Pink Tulips almost ready to bloom}


Valentine’s Day Style


My boyfriend and I typically celebrate Valentine’s day the day before or the day after. Having worked in the service industry, we know how frustrating eating out on one of the busiest days of the year can be. There is nothing romantic about an overcrowded restaurant, a long wait and trying to converse over volumes of people. However, when I picked up this dress from the Prabal Gurung collection at Target, I knew I didn’t want to stay home. I’m pairing it with some of my favorite pieces including the necklace and earrings my boyfriend got me for Christmas. So, this year we will be braving the crowds and enjoying a night out on the town!What are you wearing this Valentine’s day?

1. Prabal Gurung Dress

2. Sparked Agate Collar

3. Anthropologie Earrings

4. Aldo Lace Peep-Toe Pumps

5. Forever 21 Purse

6. Michael Kors Watch

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her




Don’t know what to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s day? No worries-I’ve pulled together some of my favorite items that are perfect for gift giving. Whether it’s something as intimate as lingerie or the perfect bag, I’ve got you covered! Some of these I own and some I’m hoping to get myself. Pair any of these with some pretty flowers and chocolates and it will be a Valentine’s day to remember!

1. DVF iPhone case

2. Michael Kors Jet Set Tote

3. Victoria’s Secret Lace-Trim Panty

4. Eiffel Tower Ring Dish

5. Bauble Bar Paves Link Bracelet

6. Moonstone Treasure Collar

Big Easy Beignets


Mardi Gras  is next Tuesday and I have been craving a taste of New Orleans! Unfortunately, I can’t be there to enjoy the festivities so I decided to bring NOLA to me. Beignets ( aka french donuts) have always been a favorite of mine and Cafe du Monde is well known for their hot and delicious beignets. Who doesn’t love fried dough and powdered sugar? I’m normally not a fan of box mixes but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice authenticity. I wanted my beignets to be as close as possible to the ones served at Cafe du Monde. I purchased this box and began the beignet making process. The directions were easy to follow and within minutes I had fluffy, golden brown beignets waiting to be dipped in syrup. Since beignets are fried, I want to warn you not to overheat your oil. It can cause the dough to burn as well as make your kitchen very smoky. I wouldn’t know this from experience 😉 Also, the thickness of your dough determines how fluffy they come out. I chose to make mine thinner as I prefer them to be smaller. If you want to go the traditional route, serve with a side of chicory coffee or if you want to spice things up, such as myself, serve with a bloody mary! All in all, they tasted great and  I enjoyed my own little fete without having to leave my house.