Golden Globe Soiree

The beginning of the year always provides entertaining television. Playoff football, the Superbowl and the Oscars all take place in the first months of the new year. While I mainly watch the Superbowl for the commercials, I’ll never pass up the opportunity to enjoy a fancy, red carpet event. A week ago, I threw together a “Golden Globe Soiree,” a casual get together made formal with the use of silly straws, champagne and my golden caramel cupcakes. I chose to go with an “Old Hollywood” theme of red and gold/yellow. I made homemade popcorn  and  guests could help themselves to mini bries’ and crackers. I handed out printables that I found here so we could vote on all the major categories. The highlight of the evening was “Argo” winning best picture (my boyfriend and I are major Ben Affleck fans).  This soiree can easily be recreated for any awards ceremony. In fact, the Oscars are February 24th, which means I need to start plannning sooner rather than later!


{The Setup}


{Homemade popcorn & golden caramel cupcakes, recipe adapted from here}


{Lips for ladies & Mustaches for men}


{2013 Golden Globes Ballot}


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