Story of my Life

Welcome to Ashes & Wine! Since graduating from college in 2011, it has been my goal to start a blog in which I can document my day-to-day and share the things that inspire me. I’ll be posting recipes, sharing my thoughts on fashion, some DIY projects and writing about my experiences as a twenty-something year old, living life and having fun. I hope you will follow along! Without further ado, here is a more proper introduction:

{I’m Ashley}


{I’m a recent graduate of Florida State University}


{This is my boyfriend, Matt, a fellow alumni}


{I’m from Atlanta}


{and have two cats, Piper-Jacque & George}

{I love to travel, a good glass of wine, baking cupcakes and I’m obsessed with all things French}
IMG_0539 IMG_3370
{Thanks for stopping by. I hope you can follow me on all my latest adventures!}

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